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Our Crypto Trading Secrets

Rule of 1/5ths

Sorta like traditional trading, you need to diversify your assets into ‘Smart HODLs’ – sure, everyone talks about this, but we actually do it well. The rule of 1/5ths is an integral part of the process to manage your funds while earning profits. You can tailor this to fit your personal goals.

Principle of 1/3rds

Learn to recognize patterns in the charts that others may not see. Use the power of our time-proven principle of 1/3rds to discover consistency and redundancy, trading safely and effectively, no matter if we are in the downtrend of a bear market or upshift of the bull market where people become careless. Avoid the unwanted HODLs and grow with us.

Speed of Circulation

Once your precision is refined in the the rule of 1/5ths and the principle of 1/3rds, it’s time to increase your accuracy with each trade and then the speed of each trade cycle. Safely.

Wash. Rinse. Repeat. Faster.

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98.7% Trade Accuracy

With over a year of trading under our belts in the most difficult season of cryptocurrency to date with over 90% of crypto value being wiped off the ledgers from January 2018-January 2019, to the best of our knowledge, no one else navigated the crypto markets as well as we did. 

Luck? Absolutely not. 

How Blockchain Works

Basically Blockchain is like having hundreds if not thousands of independent CPAs working quickly and quietly in the background on your behalf and the entire cryptocurrency market’s behalf to verify transactions. In order for any currency to be trusted, it has to be able to have verified value. Cryptocurrency is the first type of currency in all of human history to have this level of audit-able trust. 

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Start small. Grow big. 

Why Invest in Crypto?

Currency is fundamental to civilization. Without it, trading is extremely challenging if not impossible. But historically, currency has been based upon something that is universally valued like gold or silver. While fiat money has developed for many hundreds of years, it has become steadily devalued, losing credibility by the masses in the hands of corrupt governments. At last, there is a better currency system. Hello Crypto!

Audited Trail

Cryptocurrency is fundamentally based upon a modern innovation: blockchain. Blockchain technology is like having hundreds and thousands of accountants auditing each transaction until each set of books are reconciled. How is that for ‘trust but verify’? This secures cryptocurrencies from traditional sources of corruption.


Better than Fiat

 What was originally designed to facilitate exchange of value through services and tangible goods, fiat currency has become a means to indoctrinate, control, and take advantage of the hard work of individuals. Today, fiat money has perceived value simply because a government says it does. With few other traditional options, people have had to trust it for trading until the government that backs it collapses (think Greece, Cyprus, and Venezuela most recently). Cryptocurrency provides a better option now for individuals.


As long as you are careful to secure your cryptowallets (just like you would take precautions to secure your own personal wallet or valuables at your home), cryptocurrencies are the most secure form of currency: guarded by an indisputable transaction and ledger history – thank you, blockchain!

Global Growth Opportunities

Since cryptocurrencies open up a global trading system that everyone from every country can use with integrity, ease, freedom, and security, underdeveloped countries stand to benefit the most and fastest from cryptocurrency development. Your phone becomes your wallet. The internet becomes your portal. The blockchain becomes your bank. As adoption explodes in the U.S., much like the mobile phone markets, cryptocurrency is exploding even faster in other parts of the world.

Democratization of currency

For the first time in human history, currency now has a voice – yours. You have a say in how cryptocurrencies evolve, are used, and regulated. Don’t be silent. Vote for a better tomorrow through the use of a freer currency today. Thousands of people are getting involved each day and voting with their wallets to make the world a better place. 

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Digital Currency Market Analysis

Part of the FREE benefits of our subscriptions is a keen eye to watch and interpret daily market happenings. We do this through our public access YouTube and other channel video streams as well as through our Instant Insights blog page. 

We cover the markets each day anyway for our own benefit in analysis to inform our trading and we would like to share this knowledge with as many people as we can as well! 

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Digital Currency Market Values

We paid attention to the trends and read the markets correctly in the hardest bear market that cryptocurrency has known to date. While 90% of crypto value was wiped off the trading indexes from January 2018 – January 2019, we continued to trade and make money. With close to 20,000 trades under our belt to date, we have a 98.7% accuracy ratio on making a solid trade.


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