Frequently Asked

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What does it cost to join?

You can join for free and receive valuable insights, beginner and moderate lessons in trading cryptocurrencies, general youtube channel video access, general forum access and daily updates.

If you want to take your knowledge and crypto earnings to the next level, there will never be another time like this in the history of history; for our initial launch, paid membership is only $99 per month, giving you access to live trading, all lessons, live training, Q&A, special access in the forum, extra news updates and industry insight.


why do you go by pseudonyms?

In the true spirit and genius of Satoshi Nakamoto, Original Founder and Cryptologist of Bitcoin and Blockchain technology, we present ourselves by our screen names, just as you will in our community forums. Like cryptocurrency itself, we will prove our abilities, trust, dedication to serve you, and dedication to navigating the crypto market by the legitimacy of our efforts, and we are real people who are always here for you. Also in the fun, enjoyment, and idealism of real-presence-meets anonymity, we are 100% transparent in our aims, efforts and capabilities, while enjoying the culture and brotherhood/sisterhood of today’s social communities. Our screen names represent our personas for this historical time we live in, leading the way to a future with the hope of freedom from tyranny, value for effort, transparency and proof of ethical character based on our actions. What a wonderful time to be alive!


What's the difference between the free and paid membership plans?

With our free forever plan, you will receive:

Access to Our Slack General Channel

Access to our Instant Insights

Priority Access to Our Training and Tips


With our paid forever membership, you also receive:

Access to Our Private Livestreams

Access to Our Playbooks

Each New Course Added to Your Membership Area


How do i pay for membership?

Choose your plan, and use PayPal to pay for your recurring monthly membership. Everyone can join and try things out for free for 3 days, and after that you will pay $99 per month via PayPal.


what if i want to cancel my membership?

We hope that you will gain such a great value from our services that this won’t ever become an issue. But, if you wish to cancel, you can do so at any point after your first paid month, which is non-refundable. We highly recommend you stick with the program for 3 months before making a decision, but we firmly believe you will find so much value, anything that needs to be addressed, you can contact us directly and we’ll make sure you’re pleased.


I really want to make money from this 'crypto' thing but i have no idea where to start. any suggestions?

Absolutely! Join us and put your thinking cap on. We’re going to cover everything you need to know. We’ll explain everything from what cryptocurrency and blockchain mean, what an exchange is, how to use the Binance exchange website, how to purchase cryptocurrencies, how to move them to an exchange, how to trade, and most importantly we will let you join our live trading and develop your skills at your own pace. Everybody has their first day trying to learn crypto, and the market changes and grows every hour of every day, so we know what it’s like to be overwhelmed with initial information. If you still don’t get it and need help, we’re there in the community forum to help. Paid membership is where we go the extra mile, providing advanced information you truly will not find anywhere else. 

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