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We started as hobby traders with an interest in crypto and a passion for making a better future for ourselves and for our families. We never expected what would happen next…


We discovered that we were good. Like REALLY good.


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Cryptocurrency Position Experts 

With a 98.7% trading accuracy portfolio over 10,000 trades and growing daily, we’ve learned that this market, just like every other market, follows hidden patterns.

We’ve developed the knowledge and strategies to leverage those patterns for success.


Blockchain Business & Merchant Solutions

We are dedicated to the development and adoption of blockchain technologies. Part of this means not only making crypto work for you but also making it work for merchants. As we develop relationships in the cryptocurrency community, we intend to become leaders in bridging valuable crypto projects with merchants who have a vision for the future of commerce. If you want an industry-leading marketing team to help your crypto project grow, both in followers and in market value, or you’re a merchant who wishes to start accepting cryptocurrencies at your business,
contact us.

Crypto ‘Cademy

Knowledge is power; the most valuable asset across all markets. Invest in yourself as you invest in crypto. Grow your knowledge through our Crypto ‘Cademy. To get started, join the community.

Our Story

We’ve watched Bitcoin grow, with its myriad rise and fall, for many years, but we began trading around the time that many people did: at the top of the market towards the end of 2017 and early 2018.

We expected that the market was a bubble at that time, but this new phenomenon was too fascinating not to get involved ourselves.

Armed with two initial principles that we developed through observation and small initial trial and error testing, we started to build a portfolio based upon conservative trades that continued to test our two rules:

  1. The Rule of 5ths
  2. The Principle of 1/3rds

We grew our portfolio through all the crash of 2018 with a diversified and conservative trading strategy that allowed for quick trades over the course of hours each day instead of weeks or even months. 

Our Team

Gordon Freeman

Founder and CEO, Live Trading and Analyst

Kakashi Hatake


Hinata Hyuga

Customer Support

Minato Namikaze

Reporting & Marketing

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