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Coinbase is providing users the opportunity to earn  Basic Attention Token BAT by completing “… a number of online lessons and tutorials regarding the  powered Brave Browser.” (https://www.newsbtc.com)

Users can earn as much as $10 of BAT.

Archangel Alts takes an active role to lead people towards the all-important mass adoption everyone is anticipating for Cryptocurrencies like BAT.

The Brave Browser is, indeed, a ‘brave’ move in the right direction, advocating for privacy, fast usability, and true search anonymity where it is permitted. Allowing the concept of opting in for advertising or interaction that may lead to the collection of personal details by earning crypto, or remaining a default opt-out is the model presented for the new way of thinking online.

We add to this bottom line to state that the success of mass adoption will come from liquidity in one form or another. Earning tokens gives credence and value to coin projects, and value to seek what you can do with those coins. One important option to consider is trading them on an exchange and increasing earnings while instantly adding value via liquidity to the marketplace.

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