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About Us

Archangel Alts is here to bring something unique to the evolving cryptocurrency universe. We aim to become industry leaders with our unique trading process, insightful news perspective, training courses and exclusive content. Read on and watch the video to learn about who we are, and just as importantly, understand why we are enthusiastically hopeful about the success of crypto.

As we grow along with the inevitable mass adoption of cryptocurrencies, we invite you to come be a part of the revolution. You don’t have to navigate the insanity on your own. We’ll stay with you side by side to help you learn and earn, successfully trading your way safely to long term growth by making steady, careful trading decisions with consistency and accuracy.

In 2018, cryptocurrencies have experienced a constant bear run, losing an average of -87% in value, some as much as -90%+. So, why on earth would anyone want to place their money in the ring now? We’re glad you asked! Simplest answer in the form of a question: have you ever heard of “buy low, sell high”? We track every hour of every day to understand what the current low positions mean for every coin that exists, seeking temporary lows to earn from and watching for what becomes a likely absolute bottom, before the real bull market comes.

Next, there are expectations of huge numbers of new traders entering into the market in the coming months that have never heard of Bitcoin, and these numbers in the millions have never played any role over the past decade. Mainstream stock market leaders are preparing to lead their clients into investment decisions for Bitcoin futures contracts and Exchange Traded Funds, or ETF’s. 

The two largest companies that assist individuals in their first Bitcoin purchases, Coinbase and Gemini, have both seen a huge increase in new customer sign-ups and first purchases of Bitcoin. So, despite a near-tragic trading year for most exchange traders, there continue to be large strides towards that tipping point of new prospectors, traders, long-term investors, brokers, platforms, and speculators. When the signs of a turn-around begin, the number of people who try to jump in will suddenly wake up and the boom is likely to be huge. Now is the time to develop your skills and be ready for the bull run we all hope is coming. the secret is this: learn how to trade now, and be prepared when things get crazy in a good way!

These are reasons to remain optimistic, but we’re not interested in the typical industry hype. We aren’t here to try to lure you into claims of 10X, 100X, 1000X sudden profits. These claims rarely happen, and if they do, they usually happen too quickly to take advantage of (they are usually the ones to take advantage!). More importantly, seeking extreme profits is not a sustainable strategy. The goal is to find something that works steadily and gradually, and to stay with it, adjusting to the market and protecting earnings along the way.

So, now we know what you think about the crypto market. Why should we take your word for it? Lots of other people have been around longer than you.

In this growing industry, as of 2019 there are no experts in the space with more than a 10 year track record. Having said that, we’ve studied just about everyone out there. The best sources have either arrived at the space looking for the same opportunities as ourselves, or come from a traditional Wall Street background. In fact, most professional traders are still teaching people to trade stocks. They know the risk and volatility of crypto and are not up to the challenge. Just following traditional analysis is simply not enough for someone to lead the way in trading crypto. This is a much greater challenge. We are here to lead the way because what we have been doing the past 14 months is working. Plain and simple, we are not switching from our trading into this membership-based prospect, but rather we have a heart for helping others and protecting from the huge losses they would likely accrue if they tried to navigate the field on their own.

We followed crypto for years, but like many others, didn’t take on the challenge hands-on until hearing the news of Bitcoin’s huge spike to $20,000. After studying everyone else’s tutorials and testing several markets, we advanced beyond paper trading (testing it out without placing money on trades) and started testing our first real positions on Binance. 3 or 4 trades in, and we were excited to make small profits each time. We tested to make sure we understood the fees for each trade and tracked the results to be sure we could find the absolute minimum it took to walk away with a profit. Making sure our profits were real, we kept testing and refining what we did. Something interesting was happening; 10 trades in, 23 trades in, 36 trades in, we hadn’t been wrong yet. In fact, our first loss came after trade number 1170! And, that time we chose to exit the position at 0%!

We studied the real professional trading statistics where the most talented analyst expects to earn slightly more often than they lose, and by using a stop-loss, their goal is to use charts and indicators to succeed at least 54-57% of the time by slightly more than they lose the other 46-43% of the time, so they end up with predictable profits. Somewhere between what the real industry did and the ridiculous hype from youtube scammers and questionable trading pools, here we were quietly developing a strategy that continued to work. We learned to adjust to things continuously going down, first by 60% and then another 50% of that, and another 60%, and somehow we maintained more than 98.7% accuracy. In the very first weeks of our testing, we developed our strategy not just around our gains, but finding ways to manage our hodls, and with the knowledge of the huge risk involved, we decided that we’d keep going as long as we had money to continue to trade. We come from humble beginnings, but we’ve seen what this long term strategy has done under the most challenging conditions.

We watch the crypto forums and trading groups, free signals, pump and dump scams, and one thing that is consistent; people are freaked out. They are scared, frustrated, in some cases broke, and those who were ‘all-in’ by investing in mining equipment have already gone bust. We felt an obligation to enter the marketplace, where we initially intended to remain below the radar and just continue earning.

So, here we are, Archangel Alts, ready to guide you with accurate assessments of every trading day, helping you read between the lines as news develops, bringing you along with our real live trading, providing meaningful tutorials and training that you can use to develop your own winning strategy! We don’t recommend anything that we aren’t literally already accomplishing ourselves.

In our free sign-up section, you will benefit from all of the basics, so you know how to purchase Bitcoin and create an account to trade. We’ll provide relevant news regularly. You’ll be able to follow our videos and blog and be a part of the free trading community. As a paid member, you will be able to join us for our live trading, while we provide valuable assessment of the second-by-second, minute-by-minute changes in the market. We’ll provide advanced tutorials, and open up our playbook to reveal all of our side strategies. We’re not here to just teach the same basic charts and indicators. Our system doesn’t hide behind confusing industry lingo. You’ll learn how to see things others aren’t looking for, and you can make your own decisions about how to trade. We use our own perspective, terminology, and strategies that are working far in excess of what is ‘standard’, with creativity and absolute precision.

Thank you for giving us an opportunity to help you realize your crypto dreams. We’re excited for you to join along for this adventure!

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